My Story

I am a self-taught jewelry designer who started practicing about 10 years ago. Although, design came to my soul long beforehand. Mother Nature and old artifacts have always been my connection to art and inner peace, and I am intrigued by using recycled materials to create modern, one of a kind jewelry.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I came to the United States at the age of 18 to pursue my education. In the early 2000s, I graduated from Harvard University with a master degree in architecture. I have found there to be a tangible kinship between architecture and jewelry, between structure and organic, lines and curves, asymmetry and symmetry. I hand-make each piece by using vintage, recycled and new materials. Each individual component has a story behind it and is always chosen carefully to be reborn as a new creation. My pieces are always designed with a modern twist and a hint of asymmetry. They mimic the natural world, particularly lichens, decaying wild plants and trees in the forest.

My jewelry is not about beauty, they represent transformation and a journey to the past through decay.

ALL pieces are made in the USA by myself. To learn more about me -> Bio




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