A lot of ideas came up to me since I started the collaboration with the M+ Museum Store last year. Among 25 creations I have designed, only 9 pieces make to this collection. This line is simply referencing my past most favorable works. The idea is to empower the instinctive feeling of your inner-self, and to everything that matters to you the most. Stop the overthinking and worries, just listen to your heart and your intuition. 

Inspired by this special creature, I want to honor its spirit, courage and clarity. Birds are such an interesting creature that make lots of us envy- we may not be able to live their life, but we can do it in another way. It is very simple, just listen to your inner voice. Jump if you want to jump, run if you want to run; laugh if you want to laugh, and cry if you want to cry. We can be vulnerable and strong at the same time.

Number Thirteen, imagine we are all experiencing a metamorphosis- when fresh becomes bones, caterpillar to butterfly, loss to rebirth. In the end, it is all about how lives and deaths are constantly attracting and chasing each other. There is really nothing to fear in the end.

This collection questions Normalcy. To the designer's personal experience, being Normal is a scary & vulnerable thing. She wants to use this collection to examine & expand the boundaries of Normalcy. All the pieces in this collection are breaking the rule of Normalcy. Each pair of earrings has different lengths, most of them are breaking the Symmetry rule, and all of them are a blend of new and recycled/vintage materials. The designer takes Normalcy Collection as a privilege and a journey worth remembering. According to Vincent Van Gogh, "Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers glow on it."

Still Life
All the pieces are made to document the still life or dead form of plants. I would like to use this collection to pay tribute to all plants that have lived a rough or quiet life. They all deserve our respect and love, and I'd like to remind everyone not to forget our root, our past and the importance of mother nature.

The change of seasons from summer into winter is hinted by the breezy sounds in nature, the lurking movement of hidden beasts, the scents through the dampness in the forest, and the fading colors of the leaves and flowers. This inspiration of this collection continues to embrace the importance of mother nature — how structure and the organic intertwines themselves in the form of dried-plant life. Every piece hints to the subtle transformation of textures and layers of material and color. Besides silver and brass, a new element is introduced into this collection: vintage French sequins from the 1920s through the 1950s. This is very sentimental to me as a way to revive the old forgotten materials and to modernize it into contemporary jewelry. The rustic and the modern cross paths just like the growing and decaying processes of mother nature.
And this is how this ‘Hint’ collection is named after.

In this collection, my inspirations are driven from the mother nature, the hope towards Life & Death, and a German Plant Photography pioneer, Karl Blossfeldt. I started this collection by thinking how the new materials could embrace the old, and how the old would inspire & ground the new. Through the interplays of interesting shapes of brass, gold & silver, and vintage finds from my favorite local bead stores, the design intent of my work is to create an organic but structural form - just like the plant photography projected by Blossfeldt. And the balance between asymmetry & symmetry becomes a main play of this collection.

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